Tastes of Ireland

During my first two weeks here in Ireland, there’s no denying I’ve been eating out WAY too much for my wallet. However, most of what I have eaten has been absolutely delicious! Ireland has gained some notice for big time foodies so I thought I’d share some of my promised images of what I’ve been … More Tastes of Ireland

Welcome to Cork!

Leaving the states and heading abroad has been so surreal to the extent that I’m not sure my mind has grasped exactly what change I am going through and the journey I’ve begun. I was simply on a plane headed toward a destination. Reaching checkpoints and continuing on. To my surprise, a sunny blue morning … More Welcome to Cork!

The Tale of a Recovering Twitter Addict

*Warning: Lengthy post ahead* When I first installed Twitter, I became a manic-Tweeter. After my prolonged refusal to join the “mainstream” social media crowd (how hipster of me, right?), I jumped in my virtual boat and started cruising along at about 100 tweets per week. Thankfully, I began to reduce my over-achieving pace after a … More The Tale of a Recovering Twitter Addict